Unavoidable Auto Repairs

Be Ready for Anything

It’s a fact of vehicle ownership -- your car wasn’t meant to last forever -- but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy its peak performance for thousands of miles! With a little help from the team of technicians at G&M, your car could last for years to come! All you have to do is perform minor automotive repairs to prevent serious problems!

Preventative Maintenance

Most unavoidable auto repairs are part of preventative maintenance -- the services that keep your car healthy and reliable. Your vehicle’s manufacturer created a schedule for these services, which can be found in your owner’s manual. Preventative care aims to repair systems before they break. It also includes ongoing services like oil changes that work to keep your car consistently in good shape. With a preventative maintenance plan working for your vehicle, you can stay on top of minor repairs to avoid potentially serious and expensive ones!

Brake Repair

If you are driving your car, you are using the brakes -- and that means they are wearing out! The brake pads can’t last forever. After bearing the heat and friction from years of use, they will wear low and require replacement. Timely brake repair replaces the brake pads before brake performance is compromised. If you wait too long for brake repair, other components may sustain damage and require additional repairs.

Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt is another example of a part that wasn’t designed to last forever. And you don’t want to wait for it to wear out before getting it replaced. The only way to come back from timing belt failure is with extensive engine repairs. They will be labor and cost-intensive, and might leave your vehicle out of commission for weeks. A simple timing belt replacement can save you from this stress.


Filters and fluids keep your car running as it should. If you want to avoid serious auto repairs, you’ll handle the minor parts replacements for the components that protect your car. Tune-ups involve minor repair items like fluid changes and filter replacement. It can make a huge difference in the long-term health of your vehicle and its performance.

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Written by G&M Automotive