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What is a Diesel Engine?

When it comes to diesel engines, the biggest difference they have with their gasoline counterparts comes from their ignition systems. Although they both using an internal combustion, their approach to it is very different. Gasoline engines utilize a spark from a spark plug to ignite the air/fuel mixture in their combustion chamber to start their vehicles. For diesel engines, they instead utilize an extreme compression system to start the vehicle. The compression increases the temperature of the mixture significantly, which leads to a controlled explosion that starts the vehicle!

Due to its unique ignition system, a diesel engine can’t go through a typical repair. Instead, it must rely on a specific set of processes and components in order for it to properly operate, and that’s where G& M Automotive in Hesperia, California comes in. Our ASE Certified technicians will have the specific tools and service techniques needed to get your diesel engine performing at its best. Whether you need a fuel filter replaced or the fuel injection system repaired, our team will handle every problem with your diesel-powered vehicle!

Signs You Need Diesel Repair

When it comes to diesel-powered engines, regular maintenance is key to maintaining its performance. Though they are rugged and built to be durable, neglecting the engine is a recipe for an expensive repair. By performing tasks like changing the oil, air, and fuel filters, you’ll ensure that you prolong the life of your vehicle. With that said, life can get in the way of performing these tasks consistently. In this instance, it’s best to recognize the warning signs of a malfunctioning diesel engine. If you’re wondering what these signs are, then the G& M Automotive team is here for you. Here are a few signs that your diesel engine will need auto care!

Blue Smoke

If you see blue smoke leaving your vehicle, that means motor oil has leaked into your gas tank and is currently burning a mixture of fuel and motor oil. This can be due to leaks from a worn-out cylinder or an overfilled oil chamber. Regardless of what it may be, make sure you visit our shop as soon as possible. If the problem isn’t taken care of, it could cause additional problems to your engine!

Knocking Engine

Normally, your diesel engine should have a pleasant roar to it when it starts. If you start your engine and you hear knocking or banging, that may be another sign of engine damage. This can be due to a number of factors that include bearing problems, damaged linear seals, or a worn piston skirt. Regardless of the issue, make sure you visit our shop before the problems get worse!

Reduced Engine Power

If you notice that your vehicle doesn’t have the same “pop” to it when it is at top speed or it’s pulling something, that is another sign of engine problems. This is mostly due to wear-and-tear as the piston rings, head gaskets, or valves are all susceptible to that. This can lead to a loss of compression in your diesel engine’s cylinders. Make sure you visit our shop so we can quickly repair or replace those components and get your engine operating at its best!

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