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Why Service Is Important for Your Ford Van

As one of the top auto repair shops in the Hesperia, California area, we offer a massive menu of maintenance and repair services for your Ford Transit van. Whether for personal or professional use, we have the know-how to care for the Ford Transit with precision and accuracy here at G&M Automotive. Timely Ford Transit repair and routine maintenance make all the difference in how your vehicle runs and how long it runs. Regular servicing of your Ford Transit renders numerous benefits: minimizes downtime, cuts operational costs, optimizes fuel efficiency, prevents larger problems and breakdowns, and ensures your safety on the road. If you want the best performance from your van, we encourage you to stay on top of its maintenance needs! And if you’re part of a fleet, we highly recommend enrolling in a fleet maintenance program that promotes optimal vehicle health and business productivity. Visit us today at 15963 Main St, Hesperia, CA 92345, where we are happy to service your Transit cargo, passenger, or crew van with professional Ford Transit repair and maintenance!

Our Ford Transit Repair and Maintenance Services

You rely on your Ford Transit day in and day out, and it relies on you to take care of it. Many commercial vans require specific services, such as DOT (US Department of Transportation) inspections, which is a multi-step inspection process that confirms everything is in proper condition. We also accommodate state inspections and fleet accounts. Maintenance is a basic necessity of vehicles, and we’re more than well-equipped to handle all services: oil and oil filter changes, fluid and filter replacement, tire services, battery and brake inspections, tune-ups, and more! If you need repair for faulty brakes, overheating, or starter problems, reach out to our Ford Transit repair team. We are equally adept at fixing any and all issues your Ford Transit may experience with the engine, transmission, brakes, exhaust, heating/air conditioning, or suspension. Whether you often haul, transport people, or travel hundreds of miles a day, know that your Ford Transit is in the best shape, thanks to us. With our auto shop on your side, exceptional service for your business is ensured.

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We are an authorized and professional Ford Transit repair service dedicated to you getting your van back to a road-ready condition as soon as possible. At G&M Automotive, we understand how vital it is to keep all commercial and fleet vehicles in the right condition. We also back our work with a comprehensive 24-month/24,000-mile warranty that guarantees coverage should you need it. As your local repair shop, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to keep your business efficiently moving forward. Our expert ASE-Certified technicians are trained to best serve you and solve any potential issue that arises in your commercial vehicle. We combine high-quality customer service with quality and quick automotive service to create one of the best service experiences. Along with that, we offer courtesy shuttles, early pick-up/drop-off, 24-hour towing, and roadside assistance; we are here for you for the long haul. Visit us today or schedule an appointment online for Ford Transit repair! For any questions, you may have, please reach out to us at 760-244-3500.