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Transmission Repair in Hesperia, CA

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Why Your Transmission is Important

Outside of the engine, your vehicle’s transmission system is the most important piece in your vehicle. Responsible for changing gears, it’s the reason why you’re able to tell your vehicle to go forward or backward. For manual drivers, their transmission system gives them the added benefit of controlling the RPMs within their vehicle. It’s pretty clear why the transmission is so important to your vehicle, and it’s also important that you when you run into transmission trouble, you should bring your vehicle to our shop.

At G&M Automotive Center in Hesperia, California, we understand the complexities of the transmission system. Our ASE Certified technicians will be able to properly assess the issue with your transmission and make the appropriate repair so you can drive with comfort and confidence. Whether it’s a small leak or you’re dealing with slippage, our team will take care of any problem you may have!

Do You Need Transmission Repair?

When it comes to preventative maintenance, one of the best ways to practice it is by understanding the warning signals your transmission gives you when it’s in trouble. By knowing these signals, you can be proactive and get well ahead of the problem before it gets worse. If you’re curious as to what these warning signals are, the G& M Auto team is here to help you. Here are a few signs that it’s time to get your transmission system checked and repaired!

Warning Light

Many of today’s vehicles are equipped with sensors that’ll detect something wrong well before you feel, hear, or smell it. These sensors send a signal to the computer system, which activates the warning light! Make sure you visit our shop as soon as possible, as this light is a precursor for worse to come if you leave the issue unattended!

Strange Smell

When you smell transmission fluid, it should have a tart or sweet smell to it. If you smell a burning odor, that’s a sign that it may be time to visit our shop and get your fluid changed. If left unattended, you could face a transmission rebuild as burnt transmission fluid could mean the entire transmission system is burning!

Staggered Movement

The transmission system was built to be responsive and smooth. If you shift gears, the system should automatically lock on to that specific gear. If you notice a slight hesitation or hitch, that is a clear sign of transmission issues. For manual drivers, you’ll notice this as you are shifting gears. For automatic drivers, it’ll be when you shift your vehicle from “Park” to “Drive.”

Schedule Your Transmission Repair With Us!

If you find yourself needing transmission repair, make sure you visit G&M Automotive Center in Hesperia, CA. Our ASE Certified technicians will provide any transmission repair you need so you can get back on the road! Give us a call at 760-244-3500 and schedule an appointment with us today! If you’re in the Hesperia area, visit our shop at 15963 Main Street with any questions and concerns you may have!