Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Your Car’s Telling You Something

Transmissions are responsible for converting your engine’s mechanical energy into a directional force that can be focused and efficiently used to turn your wheels. The reason why you have different gears is to essentially have different settings to optimize the amount of force your car gets through the wheels from the energy converted from the engine. A low amount of energy from the engine is conserved by lower gears and higher amounts of energy are allowed to get more efficiency because the energy is not wasted by the tighter torque created by the transmission. When this system isn’t working properly it can cause a loss in efficiency and eventually become more of a problem than if you had repaired your transmission sooner. That is why you need to be aware of these signs that your transmission needs repair.

Lowered Mileage

The very first thing you may notice before a real problem occurs with your transmission is that your gas mileage drops. This can be caused by many factors, not only your transmission. Sometimes it may not even be a problem. However, it can be a signal to keep a closer eye for other signs. If your transmission is wasting energy then you will be using just as much fuel for less results. Your transmission fluid may be running low but not yet to dangerous levels. Either way you should take it as a sign if your mileage drops to either go for scheduled maintenance or to pay close attention.

Burning or Grinding

The gears in your transmission are a highly complex series which is why it is often called a “planetary” design. With all those moving parts in such a small space, if anything collides with another it is going to create a lot of friction. Usually transmission fluid helps to lubricate those parts to prevent that friction. If the transmission fluid is low that is when the parts grind each other, which causes a grinding noise and heat which smells like something’s burning after a while. You’ll want to get this checked immediately or you can cause much worse damage.

Unstable Shifter

Even if you have an automatic transmission, the gear shifter should be how you control your vehicle. If it slips in and out of gears when you are either accelerating or decelerating or you go into neutral unexpectedly while driving, then you probably need transmission repair. If any of these signs applies to your car, or if you need any other services, come to G&M Automotive Center in Hesperia, CA. We’ll find out what is wrong with your transmission and repair it so you can get back on the road. Call us at 760-244-3500.

Written by G&M Automotive