How Often Should You Get Fleet Maintenance?

Having your fleet of vehicles ready for the road is critical for your business. Surprise breakdowns can be a significant setback, so you need to schedule regular fleet services. Your fleet may not need a huge checklist. Depending on your vehicles, you can get fleet services depending on the mileage or schedule quarterly inspections. At G&M Automotive in Hesperia, California, we offer fleet repair services, accommodate fleet accounts, ensure that you will pass state inspections, and keep your fleet in mint condition. Below, learn how often you should get fleet maintenance.

Regularly inspect your fleet vehicles

Keep an eye out for interior and exterior problems such as broken headlights, tire damage, oil leaks, steering issues, and more. Make sure to keep notes of any problems you spot and when they first occurred. You can even go a step further by checking your oil levels with a dipstick and tire pressure.

Get fleet services every 5k miles

Staying on top of a regular fleet maintenance plan can extend your fleet vehicle lifespan and improve your gas mileage. Many businesses get fleet services about once per month, approximately 5,000 miles. G&M Automotive keeps your schedule simple with a checklist of requested factory-scheduled maintenance services, including oil changes, oil filter changes, and tune-ups.

Maintain your fleet vehicles at 10k and more

Your fleet vehicles need to be working in great condition to avoid any accidents from happening. Keep your drivers safe with a fleet maintenance program to produce productivity, minimize repair downtime, and enhance your business’ reputation.

Schedule a plan for fleet services

Once you find a trusted local auto repair shop that offers the maintenance you need for fleet services, it’s wise to set up a fleet maintenance plan. At G&M Automotive in Hesperia, California, you can depend on your fleet with the help of our ASE-certified technicians on our auto team. Whether your fleet has Chevrolet Silverado trucks or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, your fleet vehicles will provide your business with optimal productivity. Reap the benefits of a fleet maintenance plan and schedule a consultation by calling our fleet services team at 760-244-3500.

Written by G&M Automotive